wedding countdown

Planning countdown three months out

When you are in this stage of your wedding planning that doesn’t mean that you have to panic if you didn’t make some of previous things from our planning checklist. So this is the stage when you have to check everything is it done by now and if it’s not you still have a time to make it without stress.
If you have a destination wedding
This is what you have to check and to be sure that is done by this stage:

1.You have confirmed your guest list and their travel documentation ready.
2.Arrange and confirm your travel tickets, book hotel
3.Arrange and confirm your group activities, including transportation for off-site excursions.
4.Finalize details with your vendors, including menus, photo session, floral specifics and special songs.
5. On the end make sure that all the documentation and legalities about travel and wedding you have in writing.
And this is what you have to do in this stage:

1.Make or order the guest favors and welcome-bag items.
2.Schedule dress fittings
3.Experiment with hair and veil with stylist
4.Prepare {play/do not play} lists for DJ/band
5.Plan ceremony and reception seating
6.Finalize readers and readings for your ceremony.

And if you are done with all of these in this stage you can enjoy because next things in front of you is just finishing touches.