Photography….Trash The Dress!!

There is a photo session trend that has followed us, from I believe 2012, and somehow it just doesn’t go away!  It also depends how far you wish to go with “Trash the Dress” and believe it or not some “Trash The Dress” ideas are still here and it is likely to stay because the results are so good with regards to the images that can be captured, especially if you have a beach wedding, what? You will have a beach wedding and photo session in the hotel, no way! If you do decide to have a beach wedding be prepared for your dress to hit the sand so there isn’t that much difference if you take your shoes off and walk a little over the beach with your love-one, even if you get wet from the sea your dress should be ok after a little attention from dry cleaning. You have to admit some of these photos are the best…you can just stand and kiss and the backdrop of the picture will do the rest:) It’s only recently that new trends have arrived with regards to photography. Right now wedding photography is about coloring in pastel shades, flirting with a retro camera effect, and it’s all about the details… which brings me to a totally new service which will make your wedding memory even better, a go pro or a drone video! You can ask for a videographer who can offer a drone videography service who will provide you with an additional and alternative view of your wedding day. Perhaps you can consider providing your own go pro camera and place it maybe in your wedding bouquet and have a completely new angle of your wedding day…where later in the evening you can put it on a selfie stick and make a group pics from a dance floor…!!So you don’t need to go as far as “trashing the dress” in the likes of mud! There are other interesting ways of capturing the moments of your wedding day…Just be natural and smile in the celebration of your wedding day with your friends & family.