destination wedding

One week before your wedding day

Since we are talking about destination, wedding plans, it would be perfect for you to pack your things and fly out to your chosen destination, and of course we will not leave you alone to think about what you should pack, because it’s such a unique trip, it’s easy to get stressed out and forget some really critical items, especially when you have so many other things to plan and worry about.

That’s why we have compiled a small checklist to make sure you don’t forget a thing!

Most important Items for your carryon luggage:-


-Wedding Rings

-Visas (where necessary)

-Copies of your birth certificates

-Plane tickets/itinerary/boarding passes

-Credit card/travelers checks/cash

Also as we mentioned before you can make arrangements with your airline for your wedding day clothes’ to be put into your cabin luggage, in order to avoid loss of travel luggage, with the most important things you will need for your special day. This bag should contain:-

-Wedding Dress/Gown


-Wedding tux/suit

-Wedding Day Shoes

Important Paperwork:

-Copies of all vendor/Resort/Venue contracts

-List of all vendor contact info:

-Proof of down payments you’ve made to vendors

-Receipts for favors/welcome bags (to show when crossing Borders & Customs)

-Photocopies of any vaccination document/prescriptions/health insurance cards

-Trip insurance

Your wedding planning binder with all the details you’ve already arranged, printouts of all emails, communications with vendors, contracts, etc…Marriage certificate if you had your legal ceremony at home and will be having a religious ceremony abroad (they will sometimes require proof, that you are legally married)

Wedding Day Essentials:

-Wedding night lingerie/undergarments

-Guest Favors

-Wedding day Jewelry (earrings, bracelet, necklace)

-Something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue

-If you’’re bringing your own silk/Real Touch bouquet, don’’t forget to pack it

-Ipod loaded with music for your reception

-Your vows

-Change of shoes/slippers for dancing at the reception


-Tiara or hair clip

-Cake topper



-Seating/place cards/Table Numbers (if you’re bringing your own)

-Aisle runner

-Guest book

-Traditional Ceremony celebration items (i.e. Unity candle or sand ceremony supplies)

-Ring bearer accessories (i.e. Pillow)


-One of your invitations for the photographer

-Another option is to prepare a box or two to ship to your destination. If you are planning on doing a lot of DIY or need to find a way of getting your table numbers, centre pieces, candle holders and other bits and pieces to the venue, then you might be better off shipping them depending on how much available space you have. This can be useful even if your wedding planner arranged everything in your destination, you can use this option to send back home any important items for your wedding day memory box

Wedding Miscellaneous:

-Groom’s Gift

-Bridesmaid’s gifts

-Parent’s gifts

-TSA Approved Luggage locks

-Luggage tags

-Beach bag

-Trash the dress attire (if different from your wedding gown)

-Scissors, ribbon, and tape for any last minute DIY wedding projects

-Safety pins

-Travel sewing kit

And don’t forget:

-Sunscreen – The last thing you want is sunburn or obvious tan lines on your wedding day.

-Aloe vera – Just in case you don’t follow my advice above.

-SPF Chap stick – there will be a lot of kissing 🙂

-Strapless Swimwear (to avoid tan lines on your wedding day)

Medical Items

-Birth control / contraceptives – Unless you plan on making those babies right away. In that case, throw these out the window!

-Pain reliever – Just in case the reception gets wild, you’ll want to minimize the chance of a next-day hangover.

-Prescriptions – Make sure you carry these on in the original bottle(s).

We are hoping that this will be helpful next week we will guide you to your honeymoon essentials 🙂