Flower girl and Ring bearer

They are just too cute, do we have to say anything else 🙂 Here at I Do we have a huge folder with those cuties from our weddings, and speaking about their duties on your wedding, no matter what they do they are adorable! But anyhow for you as a bride there can be a few concerns, small one as they are:)

First thing for you to decide is who is going to take these roles. Usually they are kids age from 3 for girls and 4 for boys up to 8 years old, from your siblings or cousins or you can choose a godchild or family friend’s child. As for the adult members of your wedding party, agreeing to be in the wedding generally also means agreeing to buy an outfit, for kids that means usually their parents may provide their outfits but also you as a bride can offer those outfits as a gift.

As for what they wear, for boys styles can be different from those who don’t like kids in mini tuxedos or grown-up formal wear to those who thinks that boys in grown-up formal wear are adorable. Choices are satin and velvet suits, often in dark colors like navy or hunter green. You can also consider dark blue jackets, white shorts, and blue or white knee socks, or for summer, a seersucker or linen suit — you could even put the tiny guy in a sailor suit. Also flower girls, they aren’t limited to wearing mini replicas of the bride’s dress. Tea-length white dresses with a bonnet or satin bow are standard and sweet, but there are many little-girl looks to choose from.