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Few tips from your destination wedding planner


Usually if you are planning to get married abroad it usually means you have chosen an exotic destination, if so there are a few things that you may not have thought of. For sure as we go along we will make suggestions that will serve as reminders.

Throughout the years, in our experience in wedding planning some of the suggestions will be very small but also important reminders. It’s a good idea to approach your planning to an exotic location in the same way as you would for a holiday in a tropical resort. No matter how many stars your hotel will have mosquitoes are a fact of life in hot climates so the first thing you have to pack is a cream or spray against these very irritating little insects, along with a memo for all your basic travel medications.

And since we are talking about skin and protection you all know what I am going to say: Prepare your skin for sun!!! You don’t want to be red with white stripes while you are wearing that beautiful dress that you have waited so long to wear.  Even if you already pre prepare a tan from solarium at your hometown beauty salon you still need to protect your skin from sun. Maybe you will not be red but your skin can burn easily and become dry making any kind of material, especial lace for example, irritating on damaged skin.

We would like to share information with you regarding a great product from NYX  that is ideal to have on hand on the day of your wedding, blotting paper! Designate somebody in the wedding party, perhaps chief bridesmaid if possible, to have on hand this wonder product that is perfect for keeping any skin shine at bay though out the day and during photography.

Another tip for the ladies, all the sea and pool dips can play havoc with your hair, be sure that before you enter the sea or a swimming pool you wet your hair completely, that way your hair doesn’t absorb directly the harshness of sea water or chlorine preventing it from drying out during your stay.

And of course we have to think about our groom and groomsman, it’s a good idea to have extra undershirts at hand because you never know how some of them can react to a much hotter climate!

So these are small things that maybe wouldn’t cross your mind, we wanted to share these little tips with you as you and we want your wedding day to be perfect.