Engagement Photo Inspiration

It’s not a shocker that we are absolutely obsessed with engagement pictures. Unlike photos on your wedding day, which can sometimes feel posed and rushed, engagement pictures allow you, as a couple, to really let your personalities shine through on film. Also this relatively new tendency is not just a trend. This whole idea will give you a chance to take a break with your fiancée between busy schedules combining work, wedding planning and all pre-wedding family festivities, and it’s a perfect chance to take an extra long weekend and spend some time together followed by an experienced photographer.
Why we say experienced photographer? For example, there is a difference between wedding photographers and engagement photographers. As you can notice, engagement photos are more about you two and moments when you two are really what you are, like a simple couple who shares the same passion about hiking, or maybe music, dance, food etc, while wedding photos are still capturing the same moments but with a little more posing 🙂
Whether you clicked on this post wanting some engagement picture inspiration of your own, or you just really, really wanted to see some couples crazy in love, as Beyoncé would say, these drop-dead-gorgeous photos have your needs 100 percent covered. We promise.