Download Wedding Questionnaire Form

Here at the beginning of our favorite month we’ve decided to give you one more gift 🙂

Last week at the and of June we finished with a packing list and after a short discussion among members of our small company we decided to share publicly one of our questionnaire forms. We are giving you planning and packing check-lists, which will hopefully be helpful to you, but what about those brides who still don’t know what kind of wedding they want. For that reason we created the questionnaire form including all kind of questions that you should decide on before you start to plan your wedding, and believe us, those questions are created after more then 10 years in wedding planning:)

Usually this form is for our future brides who send us an inquiry form or any other contact from our website, but now we decided to share it to ALL future brides to be…. we are happy to make this first of July a special day to you:)This questionnaire is designed to help you set the layout and style of your wedding. At the moment you may just have ideas floating around in your mind and nothing on paper.

 Download your pdf:

Wedding Questionnaire Form