destination beach wedding

Destination wedding …

And what You need to know about it

You’ve got pictures of your dream wedding going round and round (and round!) your head and you’re already noticing something: lovely as the UK is for weddings, if your imagination is anything to go by it doesn’t seem as though your special day is taking place anywhere close to home. You keep getting flashes of saying ‘I do’ in an exotic setting on a beach with the waves whispering in the background as the sun goes down.

This can only mean one thing: a destination wedding.

You’re not alone. Thousands of couples have the same dream and make it a reality every day. Ido Cyprus Wedding Planners are proud to have arranged countless such magical weddings for couples like you.

The fact is that arranging a destination wedding is much easier than it was when I Do Cyprus Wedding Planners first started out because of all of the wonderful technology we have at our fingertips nowadays. This enables the kinds of connections that lead to your imagined image of being wed by the lapping Mediterranean in Cyprus to being a real one in your wedding photo album.

As you make plans, Ido Cyprus Wedding Planners would like to pass on a bit of advice to you garnered from our years in this business.

Firstly – be extravagant with your dreaming! Do not hold back on one little detail you picture for your special day.

Secondly, while you’re imagining exchanging your vows on a sandy beach or in a lush Cypriot garden, decorating your wedding cake and holding your reception in a top class restaurant with stunning views of the Med, take a few moments to ask yourselves some questions to make your destination wedding perfect.

How much do you and your guests like to travel? Do you all have passports? Is there anyone in your party who doesn’t enjoy the bustle of air travel whom you need to make things as smooth as possible for? Or are all of your guests already laid back world travellers?

Which season do you picture being married in? Gentle spring with its sense of possibility? Sultry summer when you and your guests can enjoy a holiday at the same time? Romantic autumn when the Cyprus sunsets are some of the most beautiful of the year or charming, quiet winter when you can luxuriate in having Cyprus almost entirely to yourselves!

Do you imagine your wedding by the sea or in a natural setting? Classic, quirky, religious or relaxed? Like a scene from a fairytale or a simple, elegant ceremony?

Whatever you have in mind, if you blend your fantasy with practicality, your dream wedding will be a reality.

Ido Cyprus Wedding Planners will do everything in our power to make it all happen. Take a look at the wedding packages we offer – especially the fantastic variety we have for the beach and you’ll see what we mean. Quite simply, at ‘I do’ we ‘can do’!