Destination wedding it’s not just a wedding…

If you are heading for a destination wedding and you are planning to stay there for a few days you can use these additional days to your advantage, to explore your destination, so here’s what you can do during  your, let’s say,wedding trip.

For all couples regardless if they are planning a small intimate wedding ceremony or if they are expecting lots of friends to join them, this part of their trip is basically the same with regards to everyone wishing to get out and about at some point during their stay so we will take the opportunity to discuss ideas of what can be planned together for after the big day further along….

The following day of your wedding  would be another ideal time to spend some extra quality time with your guests before they all start to slowly depart over the coming days.

You can perhaps arrange a picnic with them an enjoy a quiet location surrounded by nature next to the sea or if you were partying late into the evening on the night of your wedding perhaps a lazy day next to the swimming pool would suit you best and maybe meet up early in the evening at a  local restaurant and to try the local cuisine.  You should also give your guests the option, if they prefer, to arrange some of their own activities equally as you should give yourselves this option. Usually couples are worried about the number of guests that will join them for  wedding with regards to how to keep everyone happy and occupied at their new destination but after more than 10 yrs of wedding planning here in Cyprus we have to say that in the end it always works out and usually guests are more thankful to the coupled than expected for their considerations :). Here in Cyprus there are many options for activities to explore from our traditional old villages which still keep  their traditions of making olive oil, wine or some traditional sweets, to visiting the remains of ancient houses and towns that can still be found.  You can take a swim on the beach at Aphrodite’s Rock where legend says that Aphrodite The Goddess of love was born and have to mention that it’s the perfect location for a “trash the dress” photo session! Why not consider renting your own boat and have a day on the open sea with no better way than to ‘sail out’ to the married life! Just keep in mind not to over plan the free days that your wedding party and yourselves will have as it wouldn’t be a holiday if you were busy ALL the time, just remember whatever you do have fun! 🙂

destination wedding

destination wedding