destination wedding planning

Destination Wedding: On Your Arrival

Finally you are here!!! Congratulations, you made it! A year of planning and checking is behind you, so when you arrive on our island of love you will realize that it was well worth it!
The best thing about Cyprus is that we belong to the Mediterranean climate zone, which means that when you make your first step at the airport you will not feel a huge difference in the air, it’s almost like, summer in your town but with a most important ingredient: Sea breeze 🙂 so there will not be such hot air or a lot of humidity, that even your summer dress will not stick to you.
Now, it all depends on your chosen destination, your destination wedding planner and your wedding package, what you will be going to do on your arrival.
The basics for everyone should be something like this:
-Meet your wedding planner or officiate
-Meet your vendors; check your ceremony and reception venues
-Arrange your marriage licenses
– deliver welcome bags to guest’s rooms before they arrive if it’s necessary.
-Have a rehearsal dinner if it’s in your package.

But here at I DO depending on your chosen package we will:
1. As your personal wedding planner, an experienced member of “I Do wedding” team will be responsible for your wedding plans from your arrival until departure.

2. A welcome meeting at your accommodation on arrival to introduce ourselves and show you what Paphos has to offer to make your wedding and wedding holiday an unforgettable experience.

3. Your personal escort will accompany you, and provide support and guidance, throughout your pre-arranged meeting with relevant authorities. They will advise on submitting the necessary documentation and obtaining a special licence wedding certificate.

4. We will accompany you to view your chosen wedding ceremony venue, and will guide you through the ceremony, showing you how to pronounce your vows, where to stand, how to exchange rings, signing the register etc. We make sure that you are comfortable and confident with the whole ceremony, including placing of guests etc.

5. We will also show you a video of a previous wedding ceremony, which you can watch in the comfort of our offices with your personal wedding planner on hand to, answer any questions.

6. Your personal escort will accompany you to the wedding reception venue. Here you will meet the chef and together with your personal wedding planner finalize menu, the table plan, decorations, entertainment, time line, speeches and cake.

7. Your personal escort will be available to show you a choice of alternative reception venues if required.

8. Your Personal wedding planner will be your assistant and guide you throughout your wedding day, organising all pre-arranged wedding plans.

9. You will be invited to finalize your wedding holiday, providing feed-back and view proofs of wedding photographs and DVD.

10. Transport for all above services provided by Ido Weddings
This is what you will find in our diamond package but if you don’t need all of that you can check out our other wedding packages or to make your own combination with our WEDDING CO-ORDINATOR SERVICE

And when you finish with your plans and checking:
1. Relax on the beach or swimming pool (with sun block off-course, I will never get tired of writing this, as it is so important 🙂
2. Get a spa treatment (with your fiancée 🙂
3. Enjoy in your love and spoil your fiancée