Bridal Shower Planning

As we already mentioned, the bridal shower is on the MOH or bridesmaids to do list, brides are not involved in planning or organizing the bridal shower since it is in her honour. And following the bridal shower etiquette from our previous post, if you are creative with decoration, food and games, you are going the right way to throwing a perfect bridal shower as a MOH!


3+ Months Before

1.Talk to the bride. Yes, we said that she is not involved but still you have to listen to her expectations   Afternoon tea or Saturday night soiree? Does she want a particular bridal shower theme, style or colour? Does she want to gather at a Chinese restaurant, a quaint tea salon, her grandmother’s house, a spa, your apartment? While most of the bridal shower details and decisions will be up to you, make sure you plan according to her input.

2. Set the date – like we mentioned in the bridal shower etiquette, a  month or two before the wedding is the best time

If the bridal shower will take place at a tea salon, private dining room, restaurant, make the reservations.

Create the guest list for the bridal shower.

2 Months Before:

1.Send a “save the date” email and/or call important guests

2. Establish a budget with the bridesmaids

3. Purchase bridal shower invitations or materials to make them.

4.Hold a brainstorming session to finalise decisions about table linens, flowers, menu, decorations, favours, music, and activities.

5.Compile addresses for the guest list.

6.Make a detailed to-do list and assign tasks.


1 Month Before:

1.Assemble and address invitations. Mail invitations.

2.Shop for decorations, paper goods, and other party props.

If guests have offered to bring desserts and other treats, call to confirm what they plan to bring — adjust your recipe plans accordingly.


2+ Weeks Before:

1.Place flower order.

2.Make a shopping list for the food and drinks.

Pick up any baskets, CDs, cake stands, punch bowls, tea services, stereo equipment, or serving platters that friends or neighbours have offered to lend.


1 Week Before:

– Confirm reservations.

– Confirm orders and delivery times.

– Confirm RSVPs.

– Assemble and/or gift-wrap favours.

– Buy groceries.

– Prepare shower games and activities.


1 Day Before:

– Receive and set up equipment, assemble decorations and favours, set table(s).

– Confirm with bridesmaids who’s bringing what and ask them to arrive early to help.

Be a good host 🙂 and enjoy it

Image source : fashionable hostess