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Beach Wedding Dress

Last week we were talking about Monique Lhuillier wedding collection and today we want to go back here relating to the layering and volume of your gown. Why? Because we feel responsible in offering advice about how to choose your wedding gown according to your chosen venue. After your personality your venue is will be the second most important influence on your choice of gown. If you follow our blog and posts about a destination wedding we will endeavor to offer you advice about the perfect beach wedding dress for you.

With regards to the decoration, even when choosing a beach location, you can chose a variation of décor from a simple and romantic arch to a seaside gazebo filled with flowers and organza and depending on your personality your dress should follow to this level of formality and preferred style. Regardless of which designer you will choose or where you will buy your dream dress you have to consider these facts when choosing a beach venue:

– Fabrics :  consider choosing light in weight and more natural fabrics : silk, organza, chiffon and gazar, are good options for warm climate.

– Transport : consider how your dress will be if it is a large amount of fabric bounded together during transportation to your destination wedding, keep in mind to discuss this with sales person from the wedding dress shop where you will purchase your dream dress… And definitely consider a back up plan with your destination wedding planner who will be able to arrange a steaming service following arrival if necessary.

–  Volume: by all means you can go with layers as they tend to be airy and light but if as you are likely to spend a lot of the night dancing with your new husband and family and friends it is really a good idea to have on hand a second dress to change into later in the evening. Alternatively consider choosing a  gown with shorter train and a more streamlined silhouette.

– Color : There are no limitations when it comes to colour, we would just advise you to have a preview of your dress in natural light before purchasing and to be sure how this will match with the natural tone of your skin keeping in mind you will be outdoors for a length of time during your special day and most likely under the bright light of the sun.

 An alternative option would be if you already planning to make a pre-wedding visit to your chosen wedding destination is to use a local wedding shop that can offer you wedding gown rental services, so when you arrive your dress will be already there!! 🙂

And the most important thing while you are choosing your gown is trust your gut instinct and HAVE FUN!!!