Bachelorette Party Planning

Bachelorette Party Planning

After a successful bridal shower it’s time for your Bachelorette Party… Perhaps your bridal shower was too successful and you feel you don’t need a Bachelorette Party but we’d like to remind you that these two things are not the same. As you can see from our previous posts, a bridal shower is more of a home based afternoon party in honour of the bride to be, where guests bring her gifts to set up her new household… But a bachelorette party is something else – that’s how we see wild bachelor parties:) However we girls like to make our parties more classy and that’s why we need to organize it properly so here are some tips for your Bachelorette Party Planning:

Bachelorette Parties usually take place about a month before the wedding and should not be prior to two weeks of her special day! Why a month before? Well you will need to have enough time to recover 🙂

And it’s great to have it around a month prior to the wedding so the girls can share a closeness and remember all the in-jokes that come from partying together to build up the excitement for your big Wedding day, which is the reason for the party to begin with!

4 Months Until the Party: Bride and MOH

Make a list of all the girls the bride wants to have at the party making sure she includes the email, phone number and address of each girl.

Ask the Bride-To-Be if she wants to help with the planning or have you and the girls plan. Ask her if there are any girls she knows that want to help plan the party as there usually are a few that want to participate. It is important to check with a few of the Bachelorette’s close friends on what general things they would like to do so the party can be well received by the majority!

Important things to consider:

1) Home or away?

2) Arrange transportation?

3) Do any of the girls have special needs (allergies, handicap, etc)?

4) How are girls going to pay (sometimes this is an issue so are you going to ask them for money up-front or have the girls pay for themselves)?

5) How much are you going to pay for gifts and decorations?

6) Are you going to pay for the Bride-To-Be (which needs to be included into the cost)?

7) Conservative party or one that is wild?

3 Months Until the Party

Send out an initial email between 4 and 3 months before the party. Let the girls know the scope, including where the party will be, how much the basic cost will be, what girls will need (i.e., type of clothes, anything they need to bring, etc), travel arrangements if possible, and any other important information. It is very helpful to send a group email by CC’ing all the girls so they can share each-other’s email and communicate to each other as a group!

Make sure to have the girls RSVP to you.

Let the girls know the final basic itinerary, including the reservations, transportation, places you will be eating, party supplies, and how money collection will be handled!

2 Months Until the Party

Confirm with the girls who are going and make sure you follow up with them. Make sure everyone who is going knows all the information necessary and see if anyone still needs help with their planning, especially if you are going away and have reservations!

1 Month Until the Party

Send out an email with the final plans! Make sure that if you need items/gifts for your party that you take care of it now as time is flying by! Confirm the following information:

1. Hotel and Travel

2. Transportation

3. Food/Drink

4. Entertainment

5. Who is responsible for bringing what

6. Gifts/Games

If you are going to hire Bachelorette Party entertainment and have not already done so, do it now as you want to leave yourself enough time to plan and get some great deals! Or hire a photographer so you can be free to party without thinking about capturing these precious moments

2 Weeks Until the Party

Check in with all the girls again to make sure everything is set. By now you should have everything that you want to be ready to go! It is important to receive the money before the party so you don’t have to think about it when you are having a good time!

1 Week Until the Party

Send out an email to all the girls to increase the spirit and excitement for the party. You are about to experience a memorable time…Make sure the Bride-To-Be is always pampered and has the time of her life as well as relaxing and going with the flow when you get to your party destination!