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All-inclusive hotel wedding or independent destination wedding planner?

As we promised from our latest blog post we would like to explain to you the main advantages and disadvantages between these two options. First off all, most of you will set up a budget and  most likely you will check the prices with an All-Inclusive hotel and their wedding offers. Of course like everybody else you may think that everything else will be more difficult to arrange and you will lose your budget plan whilst trying to book everything separately, this is not the case when choosing your own personal wedding planner. This is where we can save you a huge amount of time, money and nerves by going with a locally trusted wedding planner or as now popularly known as ‘your destination wedding planner’. Don’t worry it’s just a new fancy name and it won’t affect the cost! Let say that you do book an All Inclusive hotel, you will have everything on one place. The built-in activities, kids clubs, restaurants, bars, shows and nightclubs so you don’t need to worry about entertaining your guests so in some way it is a good option, but if your guests do not stay in the same resort usually they will have to pay a day pass to be with you which can work out an expensive option for them if they only wish to join you for a couple of hours in each evening. More importantly with regards to your wedding arrangements you may require a private reception so keep in mind additional hire and service fees are very likely to apply when requiring room or venue hire for the privacy you want… Now maybe you will start to consider your second option: to hire a local wedding planner and the first thing I will say to you is that you will also benefit from having one overall cost and know exactly where you stand. You will also have a much wider option when it comes to choosing vendors, reception or ceremony venue and if you check our inquiry form you will see the question “budget option” we will stay inside that limit until you say ‘Go for it!’ 🙂

When you book your “destination wedding planner” the most important thing is communication, in the early stages we prefer to exchange all important facts over e-mail, but if you need some extra questions explaining and prefer them to be answered directly you can reach your wedding planner easily over skype or viber. You are free to talk with your wedding planner as often as necessary whilst you are still in the midst of deciding on venues and vendors. Following this stage of arrangements, while production is on and the main aspects of your day are booked and confirmed, one email or skype call a month should be ok to keep you informed but we are always here to help. Leading up to your big day in the final stages before your arrival you will find communication will be more often again and two weeks before your arrival you may well find daily communication. In our next blog post we will guide you through all the planning stages for your destination wedding…