you and your fiancée…

The question has been popped and so has a bottle of champagne! You’re engaged and your excitement level is knocking on the ceiling as you celebrate with family and friends. You start deciding when and where you’d like to get married, and process all the other small details that come along with your journey through the wedding adventure.
But know that you’re not alone through it all! To get you started, here are five things you can expect during your first week of being engaged.
1. The Urge to Plan it All
You might feel like you need to know when, where, and who will be invited all in the first 48 hours of your engagement. But you don’t! Enjoy the first week without thinking about any future wedding plans, like what color napkins you should do or if you want a band or a DJ. You’ll have plenty of time to dive into those details.

2. A Constantly Dead Cell Phone
Your phone will be blowing up with text, calls, emails, and snapchats from friends and family that you have known at all different parts of your life sending their congratulations. It’s best to carry around a portable charger during this time.
3. People Asking for a Ring Selfie
Because everyone wants to see your new bling! If you’re not interested in flaunting it all over Facebook, you can send a photo to your list of favorite family members and friends and the rest can wait to see it in person.
4. Your Free Time to Be Stolen by Pinterest
You might as well put up a Facebook status that says, If you can’t reach me, it’s because I’m 13 Pinterest boards deep in wedding planning.
5. A Lot of Caffeine
You may be too excited to sleep or even too busy celebrating to take a moment and relax. Try your hardest to carve out some down time so you and your fiancé can twirl around in your pre-wedding planning state of bliss.