How Soon Should We Have an Engagement Party?

Great news! There’s no hard-and-fast timeline for hosting an engagement party. So if your boyfriend (oops, we mean fiancé!) has planned a surprise engagement party for immediately after he pops the question, enjoy it! It’s never too soon to celebrate.
If you, a friend, or a family member are thinking about hosting an engagement party a little later, there are a few things to keep in mind. Since anyone can host an engagement party, including the couple themselves, you could decide to have a party for your friends, either at your home or at your favorite bar or restaurant, that’s a little more casual (and therefore doesn’t require too much lead time).
Do your parents or other family members want to have a more formal event in your honour? Again, as long as they have enough time to plan the party they’re imagining, any date is fine. Of course, if you live a little farther away from your parents, it may need to wait until the two of you can take time to fly home for a visit.
The only other detail that might determine when you have your engagement party is how long you plan to be engaged. If you’re having a shorter engagement, you may want to host your engagement party soon so there’s still time to plan events like your bridal shower and bachelor and bachelorette parties. For a longer engagement, feel free to spread out the celebration! Hold off on having an engagement party until the holidays if you really want to celebrate with your family, or organize a few different events for your friends, your family, and your fiancé’s family at different times.