How Long Should You Be Engaged Before You Get Married?

Few couples marry within days of a surprise proposal. Fewer still actually go the Five-Year Engagement route. It’s somewhere in-between that most couples find their sweet spot, but how exactly do you know where you should fall in a six month to two-year time frame?

Before you select a date and determine just how long your engagement will be, our wedding planner suggests asking yourself how long you need so that you won’t feel a paralyzing amount of wedding planning stress. He also recommends taking into account your family and guests: How long will they need to prepare for your wedding and other related festivities? Finally, hiring a wedding planner could help shorten your engagement period significantly.
There are also advantages and disadvantages to weigh on how long you wait. The advantages of a short time frame are that you start running and you get it done, but with a shortened engagement could come additional stress, she warns, in a time during which you might simply want to soak up your engagement.