6 Tips for Announcing Your Engagement on Social Media

This is it — one of the hugest moments of your life — you’re engaged! Time to Instagram, Facebook and Tweet your amazing news, but first consider these tips on how to share your moment gracefully.
First, soak it up.
This may be a little counter intuitive to suggest in an article about social media, but the most important thing to do once your fiancé has proposed is bask in the moment! Forget about which Instagram filter will flatter your rock, and instead grin, cry, bounce, scream, beam, twirl and gasp for a while. Soak it up, breath it in, digest it a little bit — this is your moment as a couple.
Tell your VIP’s the old fashioned way before posting.

Now that you’ve run around in joyous circles for a while there’s a very important matter to address: telling your family. No matter how digitally integrated this world of ours is, you absolutely must tell your parents and dearest family members about your engagement before you post to social media. That means, pick up the phone — or go see them in person — and tell mom, dad, grandma, your best friends, and whoever is dearest to you before pushing post on that status update.
As gorgeous as that ring of yours is, keep your social media announcement centered on the real heart of the issue: the fact that you just committed to forever with your amazing fiancé (feels weird to say that word, we know). There will be plenty of time to fawn over that sparkler with your girlfriends in person, but for the most gracious announcement possible, a simple inclusion of your left hand — in addition to you and your fiancé — is better than a close up of your ring and commentary on its clarity and carats.
Include your wedding hash-tag!.
Maybe you knew this was coming and had time to brainstorm, or you and your fiancé are just quick thinkers, but if you know your wedding hash-tag be sure to include it in your caption or a comment so you can aggregate this amazing moment with the rest of your wedding snapshots.