Who Gets Invited to the Engagement Party?

No matter who is hosting, the most important part is the guest list, and thankfully our experts are here to break down exactly who makes the cut.

The guest list for your engagement party will depend, in part, on who is hosting. Ideally, the guest list should only include people who will also be invited to your wedding. This is particularly the case if the engagement party will be hosted by the two of you or by your parents. Think of it this way: The invitation is coming from the hosts of the wedding, so it should only go to people who will be included in the wedding, as well.
Even with a huge extended family who might not all make the cut for your wedding, you’re better off keeping the guest list for your engagement party smaller so as to avoid hurt feelings down the road. Having an intimate get-together with your friends? Again, keep the list to only those who will be invited to the wedding. The good thing is, if you’re planning to celebrate with a small group, narrowing it down should be easy!
If your friends or a coworker want to plan something informal, like after-work drinks, you can invite a larger group without worrying about an etiquette faux-pas. Since you’re not hosting and the event isn’t a sit-down dinner, having work friends or business associates stop in for a cocktail even if they won’t make the wedding guest list is totally fine. This is especially true if you don’t live near your parents or relatives: Your extended social circle will want to celebrate with you and mark the occasion, so feel free to include them even if they won’t all be invited to your wedding later on.