Destination wedding etiquette bridesmaids.

Destination wedding etiquette: What if….

What if one of the braidsmaids tells you that she will not be able to come because of financial difficulties? Yes you can offer her to cover up her plane ticket at least and no one had to know that, but just in case that you are sure that all the others doesn’t have the same problem but she is shy to speak about it than it can be quite unfair, after you are clear up with your bridesmaids about their budgets it might be more fair to offset some of the travel expenses for the entire bridal party—even if that just means paying for taxis from the airport and breakfasts each day. Of course, if you have the funds to offset some of your bridesmaids’ other expenses, there’s no reason not to, and they’ll love you even more for your thoughtfulness. What if you have a intimate destination wedding and reception at home, can you still make the gift registry? Yes, a wedding invitation is just that—an invitation to a celebration, not a request for presents, and since they are invited to reception they will celebrate with you 🙂 What if we want to spent time alone after the wedding day?You can’t very well demand that everyone fly home after they’ve come so far—know that most people will respect your privacy, even if they’re staying on a few days after the event. If you’re really concerned about hangers-on, head to another hotel and enjoy your honeymoon.