Destination wedding etiquette: Pre wedding parties and festives

Well let’s start from engagement party:

Here’s the save the date rule again: if you’re thinking of having an engagement party, pay close attention to the guest list. Only invite friends and family you’re prepared to invite to your destination!One exception is if the destination wedding is intimate, meaning only the couple and immediate families; then it’s OK to have a larger celebration at home. Also, remind guests that gifts are not required at an engagement party.
Bridal shower:
Like traditional weddings, many couples celebrate their wedding with bridal or wedding shower before they leave for their trip. Particularly when couples choose a destination wedding, showers become a great way to celebrate with close family and friends who may not be able to attend the actual ceremony.But as gifts are involved once again it’s not polite to extend your guest list for this party. If you’d like to get together with friends not invited to the wedding, consider a separate pre-wedding party and include a note about well-wishes only. Or, consider a post-wedding reception when you return home from your destination wedding.
Bachelor and bachelorette parties:
Today they are even optional for stay at home weddings, but if you will make a intimate destination wedding this can be also a perfect way for non formal celebration of your wedding instead of reception. And If you do have a bachelor/bachelorette party for your destination wedding, it is traditional for the wedding party to plan and throw the party. Still, it’s always nice to keep in mind the added costs of a destination wedding when asking close friends and family to plan a party on your behalf.
Rehearsal or destination welcome dinner
When guests make a commitment to attend your destination wedding, it is courteous to include them in any pre-wedding festivities, including rehearsal dinners. Even if they are not immediate family, the time and expense of attending a wedding away means they should expect to be included in group activities. Rehearsal and welcome dinners at a destination wedding can be as informal or creative as you like. Many of our couples choose to have beachside bonfires, wine and meal pairings or themed dinners to help everyone bond and get excited for the weekend ahead.