Destination wedding etiquette

Destination wedding etiquette : On Arrival

You are finally there! At your destination wedding. Fist of all you have to be there before your guests and if you are planing your wedding outside the resort and depending on how many vendors you will have meet, maybe you should be there even 3-5 days before, well 2-3 days is quite enough but still you are in paradise why not to spoil yourself with some spa day before wedding πŸ™‚
ok let’s get back to your responsibilities . First of all you have to take care about your guests they are coming from a long journey, it’s very gracious to have a little gift waiting for them at the front desk or in their room. This could be a beach bag filled with sunscreen and bottled water, a rustic crate filled with local snacks, or a simple scented candle accompanied by a welcome note. Along with the gift, include a brief itinerary of wedding events for their convenience, in case they forgot to bring it. In case that they should take their gifts with them be sure to provide a suitcase-friendly item that will be easy to take home.
Next common question is what if you are staying in the resort and other guest have to get a day passes if they are going to attend to your wedding? This fee then should be on you , in case that is not included in your wedding package.
Destination rehearsal dinner is also on you, but every other meals and activities are on your guests tab.
Besides these simple rules for destination wedding you have to be good host which means you have to find a balance and to help your guests by providing them a useful informations while they are staying there, you don’t need to foot the bill every time but it will be polite to offer them a meal or two during their stay or drinks. Also you don’t have to force them to stay in a group and to follow you every where like a tourist organisation but still a warm welcome to increase a gathering feeling is always a good idea. Have fun!