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As a Bride you can’t do this….

Ok we are all humans and that is your most important day and if something goes wrong you have every right to be upset!   As a bride you have to handle these errors in a dignified manner and not embarrass yourself. As a bride you don’t...

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The ultimate summer wedding tips

It's no secret that summer is the most popular time to tie the knot. After all, it's easier for guests to take time off to travel, your risk of inclement weather is lower, and everything is flowering and bright. Guests are likely seeing several couples...

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Facebook & Weddings

Yes, social networks has been changed our lives forever. Facebook has changed the way we plan, think and talk about weddings! It's a great place for general updates (you just got engaged, yay!), but beyond that, things can start to get sticky, especially when a...

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A few words before your big day

After a rehearsal dinner and if everything was just as you wished for you can relax! If you feel it makes you more calm to check everything again, then perhaps you can go over everything again, but if there is no time to do this,...

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Rehearsal Dinner : What happens

A few elements are generally incorporated into the festivities—here's what to expect: The Meet and Greet The rehearsal dinner is your chance to welcome everyone. Walk around and catch up with loved ones (and meet more of the in-laws) throughout the evening, because the wedding night will...

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Rehearsal Dinner party themes

Rehearsal Dinner party themes

A Picnic Rehearsal Dinner Spread out in a park with your guests for a low-key, fun outdoor affair during the day or early evening. Set up an old-fashioned spread (think: salads, sandwiches and lots of fresh-squeezed lemonade). You'll want a mix of tables and blankets for...

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Rehearsal Dinner outfit

Rehearsal Dinner outfit ideas

Ok it’s the last but not less important…rehearsal dinner party dress Formal, but not too formal, traditional or something totally unique and fun. First match your outfit to your venue… Backyard barbecue? Intimate country club cocktail party? Beach-front clam-bake? Once you pick your venue, you can find...

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